Laguna Lathe + Propeller + Raspberry Pi Zero W = Gauge that displays river velocity in knots.



  • I Love how the gauge is connecting us to such a beautiful place. The Illinois river gauge I made years ago does the same thing to me. When I look at it on the wall it connects me to a place I love to spend time. I bet is something to see the gauge shack out in the middle of the woods like that.

    Just an FYI. I have been swapping eMails with a few people at UC Berkeley and so far not coming up with a way to access their data in real time. It’s a shame they have treasure trove of data they are collecting.
  • Tracy, can you send me your eMail address in a PM. I would like to send you this gauge. Thanks.
  • Sure thing John. The prospect is exciting to have it to see and hold. I'd like to take it up to the campus and show it and demo it to folks there.

    These university databases do evolve in a somewhat haphazard way, as new faculty and students come and go and bring efforts to bear on very different research goals. You know, sap flow for a couple of years, frog ecology sometimes, lizards under hot rocks, marbled murrelets in the tree canopy, bat guano deposition in tree hollows far from the stream corridor, on and on. It's no wonder they have to dig for data and start new threads. There is some continuity. Too bad its difficult to access.
  • Thanks John, the gauge is as beautiful in hand as it is on the screen. More so of course, the feel of polished wood and metal. It is sitting on the mantle at home.
    There hasn't been much change in the reading until last night, when the first narrow band of rain swept from north to south here in California. The gauge went from 2.89 up 2.97 feet, about an inch increase in the depth of Elder Creek. It will be most interesting when the rains come in earnest.
    1052 x 1440 - 311K
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