Your Thoughts on DJI RoboMaster S1?

Programmable in Python and Scratch. No long term reviews out there yet.

$500 to get started is fairly steep.


  • ercoerco Posts: 19,601

    First time seeing. Does seem pricey. Antennae look like Chappie. What does the "blaster" shoot, IR?

  • I think IR and also little beads or something. Sort of like Orbeez I guess? Not sure what to call the projectiles it shoots. Students would NOT use those.
  • A seller on amazon calls them water beads.
  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,576
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    Not wanting to give away too many experiences to DJI I've got to be careful in what I write.

    This is a very high-level, user-oriented experience from the videos I watched. I don't think the purpose is to show students how to create a robot from circuits and code (and to experience necessary failure) but to provide a customizable, capable learning tool. While it looks like a lot of fun and I'd like to buy one, I can't imagine using it as a true teaching tool in a classroom for much beyond introductory tech courses. It's an amazing use of their drone technology, but is it the right way to teach how these devices really work - or is it more about showing what this robot can do? Can a student create something like this, or are they learning how to use it?

    I think the suitability of the DJI S1 as a teaching tool depends entirely on the goals and outcomes one expects.

    Better yet, what is Parallax not offering that you'd like for your program, Keith? Tell us. Are you finding the student attention span too short for circuit building and coding? Let us know your thoughts - about the only thing I've heard is that the BlocklyProp colors should be customizable. I'd like that as well.

    We are never complacent about our achievements and want to hear from you.

    Ken Gracey
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,601
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    @Ken: Kids & grownups LOVE guns shooters. If Parallax offered a safe rubber band gun or dart shooter (such as WL Toys used to make for their flying drones, see pic and and mounting/activation parts for a Boe/Activity bot, I bet you'd sell a bunch. WLT also made a squirt gun, but water leaks are bad for electronics.

    I'm sure you recall the excitement caused by PhiPi's rubber band gun atop W9GFO's S2 robot at the Parallax Expo. When mobile robots become mobile infantry, people take notice.

    500 x 500 - 31K
  • I got one of Phil's Marauders from Chris Savage:

    I got the later plastic model. Rubber bands are so much more safer than hard projectiles.
  • Hi Ken,

    Yeah it struck me the same way. This DJI robot absolutely does not fit what we're looking for after school K-5.

    As far as what we're looking for, I had a good conversation with Andy the other day. The main points (mind you this is for K-5, end of the day, only 6 hours per semester, and needing to hire local college kids to teach at each school with little training - A SMALL NICHE):
    Block colors similar to Scratch (more saturated colors)
    Works on very small laptops (Win or Chrome) or a sort of folding tablet with keyboard attached (Android probably)
    Editor can be embedded in our LMS (Learning Management System)
    Small and lightweight robot with >1hr battery life and easy to recharge
    Easy logistics for 10+ kits in a classroom (kids don't need to manually connect, robot pairs with device easily, etc)
    Laptop or Tablet must be able to access internet while also programming robot
    Prefer wireless programming
    Compact cases for robots
    If any other language besides blocks, then Python, but blocks scales the best (Python will require more teacher training)
    The same kit will be used by 8 different kids in 4 different locations in a given week, or more (so assembly and wiring is tough)

    Unfortunately this is NOT what I wish we found success with (quick 'simple' classes). So far my favorite teaching tool is the ActivityBot. The kids have made such cool stuff with it. But that said, they did so with me present (I can't train random temps on teaching C affordably). Those classes do very well but I have to also run the company. So we need classes people can afford and want, and that I can find teachers for etc. This is the model that currently works. We doubled this semester from last. Next semester is looking like 3-4X.

    Schools aren't allowing storage, and we tend to be finding college students that can teach in the 3-5PM range. So they have tiny apartments and need to be able to store and easily transport everything.
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