How was your 4th?

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She wanted a new car... she got it. I got her old car... and the 89 Caravan has been sitting outside my cave since then.

Apparently the 4 flat tires and shrubs growing out of the wheel wells gave someone the idea that the Caravan was "inoperable."
A little yellow tag warned me that if I didn't move the car 300 feet, the city would tow it at my expense.

"They can't do that. I am an American, this is the Fourth of July, and there is nothing wrong with that car."

Got myself a new battery, cleared out the hornet nests and put a gallon of gas in it... she cranked like a charm and ran just about perfect… right before the engine caught fire.
On the bright side... I have a brand-spanking new 12V battery for my next project AND my favorite junk man could not be happier.


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