Older 36 position wheel encoder versus 144 position wheel encoder

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Hi All,

Would appreciate some advice here.

I have an older Eddie Chassis with the original Motor Assemblies and 9 position wheel encoders (giving 36 pulses/revolution) (#27906) that was used with the HB-25s and a Propeller Development Board.

I am planning on replacing the HB-25s and the Propeller Development Board with the DBH-10 Motor Controller and an Arduino BOE.

My question is, can I use the original 9 position wheel encoders with the DBH-10 Motor Controller or should I upgrade to the 36 position wheel encoders (giving 144 pulses/revolution) (#29321)?

Also, if I do upgrade to the 36 position wheel encoder, will the encoder disc fit my original Eddie Chassis motor assembly wheel drive shafts?



  • Hi All,

    After rereading the older 9 position wheel encoder (#27906) documentation, it appears that each 9 position wheel encoder/HB-25 combination is equivalent to one of the two motor control channels on the DBH-10 Motor Controller. Like each channel on the DBH-10, each of the 9 position wheel encoders can receive a serial speed/direction/distance input commands and then drive its respective HB-25 appropriately.

    Therefore the older 9 position wheel encoders are obviously not usable with the DBH-10 and since I have already ordered the DBH-10 Motor Controller it looks like I will need to order the 36 position wheel encoders (#29321) to work with the DBH-10 Motor Controller. However, I will now have higher resolution wheel encoders allowing for more accurate speed and distance knowledge.

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