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On my Win 10 Pro box, I setup Geany to work with fastspin.

For the moment it is a very crude Geany fastspin. The one good thing is that with Geany, when you use .bas file it sets up for a freeBasic session, so all you have to do is manually change the Geany build commands to work with fastspin. So far I have it using the Compile correctly, and I added a 'Load EEPROM' command, which works. And the Geany Execute command also works correctly.

It is still somewhat cumbersome because you have to manually change the Build commands if you want to change the port selection. Plus now I have to figure out how to add an intuitive Optimization selection.

Since Geany also is available on Linux, does anybody know what fastspin, proploader files I should use for the Linux version of Geany? All I have seen so far are fastspin.exe and proploader.exe files.



  • I got the fastspin Basic working fairly well with the Geany IDE. It probably needs some tweaking here and there, generally speaking, for me, it is an acceptable IDE for working with the fastspin Basic.

    The harder part is to get fastspin working with Geany in the Linux version. It sort looks like you have to compile the fastspin and proploader code, in some kind of Linux C compiler. I will have to think about doing that.

  • @DavidZemon may have prebuilt binaries of propeller-load and fastspin available; I know he builds a lot of tools for many different platforms.
  • I just did the suggested:
    git clone
    cd spin2cpp
    on my Linux system. I found the 'fastspin' in the build folder, did a quick ./fastspin -b test1.bas. It did a compile of the test1.bas, so that part worked, I think.

    I looked for 'proploader' in the build folder, but there wasn't one there. Now I need to figure out how to run the test1.binary on the Linux system.

    When looking through the spin2cpp folder, I did see a 'propeller-load.exe' file in there, not sure why that would be there. I do have SimpleIDE installed on the Linux system, but it will not run .binary file, only .side files. Anybody have any suggestions how to resolve this issue.

  • proploader (and propeller-load) are independent projects. I think propeller-load should be bundled with PropGCC (and hence SimpleIDE) but I'm not certain of that. Have you looked in the SimpleIDE installation to see if there are any binaries there?
  • I like Geany -- I use it in Win10 and Linux at work for C and Python programming.
  • ersmith wrote: »
    @DavidZemon may have prebuilt binaries of propeller-load and fastspin available; I know he builds a lot of tools for many different platforms.

    Indeed, both are available, as well as proploader

    Spin2cpp & FastSpin:

    List of all projects:
  • Thanks David, I downloaded the Linux version of proploader, and it works. Now I have figure out how I want to implement fastspin, on my Linux system.

  • I guess I need some advise concerning a GUI for working with fastspin, in Linux. Since I do not know how to do plugins for Geany, and I do use freeBasic, with the Linux install, I do not want to mess up Geany freeBasic by installing fastspin to that.

    I guess I could just do a bash script to do the fastspin compile/load, and also use just a Linux editor to create the file. I also loaded Visual Studio Code to the Linux box, but that looks quite complicated and I am not sure if it does any compiling of files. Or maybe I should create a small Python program with Tkinter, to automate the compile/load process. Maybe I will come across a Linux editor that can run the proposed Python program.

  • Checkout the Visual Studio Code thread on P2. I have it working to edit P1 files. Its an easy install.
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