Recycle for 3D printers

Exstrude your own fillement from shredded plastic milk containers:

And recently on HackaDay:


  • I read the paper on HackaDay. A Very Interesting paper. Not quite ready for prime time, but solving the automation of the drawing process looks like it would go a long way toward making it a viable process. Now, with a 200 watt Solar panel...
  • If we could somehow melt the ratsnest of a failed print into chips, we could reuse the filament itself.
  • I read that one as well. Actually most plastic milk containers are made from HDPE and are definitely any of four different grades. Those four numbers indicate how many times they've been recycled, the first one means that's it, they are on the first steps, two means yes second, by the time its at four it might as well become a crafts project.

    In fact sadly the same is as applicable to the plastic used for soda bottles, which is why I almost support the idiotic bottle bill in this state by collecting my soft drink bottles to be turned into becoming new ones. (Oddly enough it also includes cans.)

    For example, what does the cutlery used at picnics and school cafeterias (and fast food places and take out places) have in common with the regular plastic used for the printers? Since I've probably stumped everyone, they are all made from PLA, poly lactic acid, which is made from corn starch. And yes we'd be better off figuring out how to translate failed prints back into the stuff that they're made of. By the way AC, and you too, RS_Jim, you're onto something there.
    And this message is supported by the friends of Dwarf Sleepy.
  • Now this is a very cool idea

    I would hope that all the technology problems will solved soon so we can get another use for all this plastic that we create instead of ending up in the ocean
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