Programming Propeller Memory With Prop Powered Down



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    edited 2019-03-19 - 07:37:40
    I wonder whether using the 24AA256 (wider voltage range) EEPROM at 1v8 level would be enough to program the EEPROM but not enough to boot the prop.

    I remember from the "Prop Limbo" thread the prop operation cutting out around 1.02V, but that was cutting out -- to boot and get the oscillators running took a higher voltage, like 1.7v from memory, and that might not happen if the ~0.6v body diode drop is factored in

    Another approach would be to put a series resistor on each of SDA and SCL, as well as a load resistor across VDD to VSS of the Prop, so anything parasitic at least has a load to overcome. what pete said

    An interesting requirement...
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