Terminal over loaded ?(Solved)

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I have a very simple program and it has only one Terminal block " Terminal print number
(Direction- variable)mas Decimal then a new line"
The program initially prints the number but after few times the error message appears
"Your program is sending too much Data at once. Try adding pauses or sending less Data."

Screen shot of the program is attached.

Any help is appreciated

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  • I don’t know blockly but since there has not been an answer I’ll have a go.

    Your code to display on the terminal is in an infinite do loop with no exit.
    That loop outputs data then a 50ms delay and then clear screen.

    Yo cannot continually output to a terminal program without reasonable delays for the terminal program tokeep up. You need a much bigger delay so try 1 second (= 1000ms).
    Next, you don’t want to clear the screen after you output do you? If the delay is too short you will never see the data because it will get cleared.
  • Dr Siri - when you post BlocklyProp code, give us a Public link to the project. We can then open it, run it ourselves, check the C code it generates and help you a whole lot more.

    Ken Gracey
  • What Cluso said is correct.

    Eliminate the Terminal Clear Screen block since it wipes the display clear, in such a tight loop, that you won't see any data. And put a small pause in there - maybe 100 ms.

    Also, I notice that you are using XBee modules to send and receive data. This becomes a lot of fun!

    Ken Gracey
  • Siri, this will be helpful too.

    Ken Gracey
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    Check this one too. Parallax Serial Terminal is a far more robust terminal for applications where you've got lots of data streaming into it:

    Ken Gracey
  • @KenGracey,@Cluso99

    Thanks the help

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