Propeller ASC+


I saw on the Parallax web page they have a Propeller ASC+ ( Arduino Shield-compatible prototyping system).

Can it replace the Arduino?
Is it as fast as the Arduino?
It states it is shield compatible, but is see empty pin connector places on the PCB?

Where is the B.O.M.?
Where is the PCB layout?
Are there kits?

Thank You.


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    Many of your questions will be answered here.

    Be sure to look at the links on the bottom of the page for Details and Documentation.
  • Thank you
    But no B.O.M. or P.C.B. layout.
  • You would have to contact the manufacturer of the product. It is a third party product not produced by Parallax.

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  • bteddy,

    The Propeller ASC+ allows Propeller users to use Arduino shields.
    The Propeller is more powerful than the 8-bit AVR-based Arduinos but the Arduino has the advantage of extensive code and accessories.

    It's quite common that new sensors have Arduino code first and this gets ported to Propeller later.
    Arduinos typically use C while the Propeller can use Spin/PASM, C, BlockyProp, and a multitude of other languages.
  • Be aware that the Propeller ASC uses 3V3 while most Arduinos expect 5V.
    My Prop boards: P8XBlade2, RamBlade, CpuBlade, TriBlade
    Prop OS (also see Sphinx, PropDos, PropCmd, Spinix)
    Prop Tools (Index) , Emulators (Index) , ZiCog (Z80)
  • Hello, I make the ASC myself and sell them through parallax. The link Publison provided is the correct one and has all the things you are asking and some examples. I can answer any specific questions you may have.
  • Another hardware difference is that the Arduino has pins that can be either digital inputs, ADC inputs, or outputs; the ASC has an actual external ADC on those pins and they can't be used as outputs. This makes it impossible, for example, to read the touch screen of the touchscreen LCD shield. (The LCD itself works fine though, even from the Arduino script.)
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