VGA smaller text

Is it possible to decrease the text size in a VGA program to get more rows and columns and thus be able to put more info on screen?
If so what must be changed? I'm using the VGA_TEXT object.


  • That all depends, these things are hand optimized assembler, so nothing is trivial. There are
    many VGA objects supporting different modes/resolutions out there..
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    You could try the VGA Hi Res object ( ).

    It is a 1024x768 VGA signal which contains 128 columns x 64 rows of 8x12 characters.
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  • Look at what's available in the Object Exchange (OBEX). Higher resolution requires the use of more cogs. For example, a 1600 x 1200 display with a cursor needs 7 cogs just for the VGA driver. It's not too practical, but was intended as a demonstration. The one mentioned by kwinn is very practical ... uses only 2 cogs
  • I like the TV_TEXT for playing around because it is easy. However I am out of TVs on my desk but still have 2 unused VGA monitors doing not much. The other day I discovered the VGA_TEXT which is also very simple but isn't able to display much text because of font size. I have used the
    VGA Hi Res but have found it too complicated for just playing around. I just looked at VGA High-Res Text Demo and will have to play with it some more. Maybe I can figure out how to make it simpler. I'll also check out others in OBEX
    Thanks for the help!
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