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  • I've put this reply in the original HDMI thread to help resurrect it.

    It may only want to support HDMI modes and not DVI modes. I have an old TV that has separate HDMI and DVI modes. Sometimes it only works on one of the settings. It will be a while before I can test that unit with the P2.

    You could try changing the clock phase. It should be "correct" already. 10 sysclocks is 1 output cycle. The code from VonSzarvas generates what I consider the correct phase. We might get it if we generate a 720x480 signal. An easy thing to try would be to use 270MHz sysclock. Also, are you in an NTSC or PAL region?

    Chip wrote the original code.

    A two-cog 640x480x8pp soft HDMI display with palette of 256 out of a possible 4096 colours was worked out last November, however it has not been tested yet. Colour levels are equally spaced but TMDS data are mostly not balanced. 720x480x8pp and sprites should be possible, too. It's questionable how much time should be spent on this, but it would good to get something working now that people have HDMI boards.
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  • Thanks, TonyB. Lots of good content in the first half of this thread. I started the other thread because people shouldn't have to search a 20 page thread to find code for their HDMI board. I re-read this thread and found the code on page 10.

    Since the new silicon will generate proper signals, I though that using the 52 balanced codewords would be an acceptable trade-off for now. Generating a non-balanced signal may be an acceptable temporary trade-off as well.

    Work on HDMI audio wouldn't be wasted. What we write now should work on production silicon with minor changes.
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