Web sockets using socket.io and node.js support by the wx wifi module API?

Are web sockets using socket.io and node.js supported by the WX WiFi module ESP 8266 API?

I am working on a project with another programmer who wants to use socket.IO for for web socket communication (see https://socket.io/docs/). Socket.IO requires node.js. I am going to start learning how to communicate with web sockets but I don't want to start down a dead path if it is impossible to implement these libraries in the SimpleIDE environment for Propeller C using a Flip module with the WX WiFi module.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

Clark Radcliffe


  • Web sockets is support but there is no port of socket.io to the propeller platform or to the WiFi module.

    Also node.js is a large scripting library that may not fit on a Propeller.

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