How do I receive a signal using an Xbee and propeller 1 micro-controller?

I have a DFRobot Wireless GamePad v2.2 that I would like to send a signal from, across the Xbee (the controller supports Xbee), through a Propeller 40-Pin DIP Chip - P8X32A-D40, and receive the signal using the serial terminal in Propeller tool v1.3. I would like to be able to read the data coming from the controller to program with, but I do not know how to do so.


  • First you need to know what Xbee you will be using.

    Using the Xbee software configure tool you can then make two Xbees connect to each other and make them transparent in that they will send and receive data and just pass it along.

    From there you just setup the Parallax chip to receive the data.

  • James-W,
    I have been experimenting with Prop and Xbee recently.
    The combination is very powerful and easy to implement.
    Your starting point in the excellent and comprehensive Xbee tutorial by Martin Hebel on the Parallax website.
    Jon McPhalen's also has some very valuable contributions in his Nuts and Volts article of Nov2017 and various forum posts.
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