Project budget blowout!

Hunting around for bits and pieces for a upcoming project and I found this.
At this price I would expect at least a scope, benchtop dvm and freq. counter too. :lol:
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  • Holy buckets!

    Well, for that price, one should get a place to do the project in, help staff, great meals...

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    You should buy a spare or two!
  • I wonder if protects from glitches causing USB hard locks in noisy environs. Intel chipsets, at least, are terrible at falling foul of this. Could be some unhappy customers thinking it'll be smooth sailing paying that much.

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  • Has the Aussie dollar really sunk that low? :)

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  • *PLUS* shipping?!?!?!?!?!

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    I see that listing too for US $59,959.00 but it's the 36 sold that I find even harder to believe!!!!!?

    Must be a popular item seeing that they have sold millions of dollars worth of this item! :)

    Elsewhere on eBay they list for $39 so I guess the 36 sold might even be real. Some purchaser in a government agency puts up a listing for an item that needs to be purchased, orders the items himself personally for $39 each and then sells them as the eBay identity to the government agency. In the process the corrupt purchaser pockets $59,920 per unit x 36 = $2,157,120 in his pocket.

    I've seen purchasers setup a middle man as a supplier, usually a relative, and then purchase from this supplier. But I've never seen anything like this before, but I do believe they have "sold" 36 of them, maybe to Elon, he is used to paying a "high" price.

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