Servos and Parallax processors and Lego

Would someone confirm or refute this assertion?
Can any of the Basic Stamp designs, or a Propeller 1 drive a standard servo (Not the continuous rotation designs) at a rate that would make it possible to manipulate a Lego based model?
Back in my far off youth I used to be pretty darned good at building the impossible in a Lego based model. I even did stuff with their early motor units. I drifted away from that, and they go ahead and spin up a considerably better motor unit design, and even create a respectable platform for robotics. Naturally a lot of the associates at their stores are good at assembling the models for showing them but do not at all like the robotic platform. I tell them about the Dexter Robotics ideas on allowing a Raspberry Pi to replace the controller, and they get all glassy eyed.
Since we all know that a Basic Stamp 2 can manage a servo, both types, I am wondering about applying the regular variety to do all of that. I have a pair of miniatures from the collapse of Radio Shack, and want to use one or both for this, before destroying the things, I figured I'd ask here.

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