Number to time(s) one can GET and PUT to the scratch pad memory on the Basic Stamp SX.

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Yes, I know the BS2sx in not out there anymore. But, I have several of them running for years now. 12 years to be exact...

So, the subject line says it all, but I will repeat....In program slot 0, I PUT a variable in stratch pad memory, position 1. Then in another program slot I GET that variable for use. This has been going on for about 12 years, 24/7. Do you experts, think that I have wore out that scratch pad memory position and should pick another location to put that variable. Easy to do.

The reason I know something is amiss is I am not getting the jump to a picitular speech output, using the EMIC voice, which involves that PUT/GET 0 or that location.

Any thoughts....? DenO


  • The scratchpad memory is static RAM. There is no wear involved. On the other hand, RAM needs power to maintain the memory contents. In 12 years, it's possible to have power surges, even cosmic rays that can affect memory contents. It would be rare ... It takes a lot of energy to overcome the amount of energy determining the state of a bit of static RAM, but it's not impossible ... and 12 years is a lot of time to a computer.
  • Thank you Mike...I always value your opinion...It is sort of weird so I will change out the BS2sx for a different one, and reprogram it to see what happens...DennO
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