Problems to combine two boards: WX Activity and Human Interface

I wanted to output VGA signals from my Activity board (Pin 8 -15) to the Human Interface Board (Pin 16 - 23).
So I simply connected the pins and started TV_Demo.spin with basepin 8.
But "nada" no VGA-output, not even a blinking LED (16-23 are wired to LEDs, too)
I tested, if current is ok - and yes it is, Human Interface Board has its own power supply and Activity Board is connected with USB from PC.
Are ther more pins of the Human Interface Board to connect ?
Please help .


  • TV_Demo is for NTSC output, isn't it?
    You need VGA_Demo, I think.
  • Sorry of course I started VGA_Demo ...
  • Have you connected the ground pins together?
    Can you light the LEDs using DIRA/OUTA?
  • No I didn't.
    But now I connected both VSS-Pins from Human Interface Board (Nr. 9 and 29) with GND of Activity Bord.
    Tetsted with DIRA/OUTA.
    And it didn't work either...
  • Are you 100% sure you connected the right pins?
  • I did the same thing once before and on my first shot it did not work. After reviewing documents again, I realized that P16-P23 on the Human Interface Board are connected to pins 17-24 on J1, but I had connected them to pins 16-23 on J1.
    You said the HIB has it's own power, so that resolves the other question that also came to mind because the HIB has a video amp chip for the VGAs RGB lines.

    Can you upload a pic of the setup? Here's a copy of the cheat sheet I made for me....

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  • Thank You !!!
    You saved my day.
    First I didn't know, that I had to connect Pin 39,40 of the Human Interface Board with its Auxiliary I/O header Pins,
    to see anything on the LEDs.
    Then there was this wrong pin-layout (17-24) instead of (16-23).
    So I connected PIN 8 - 15 of the Activity Board with PIN 17 -24.
    Another connection of GND (Activity) to PIN 9 (Human Interface) was necessary too.
    Both board had their own power supply.
    But now it works.
    Thank You for your help !
  • Excellent, glad it helped. When I read your issue, it sounded a lot like mine....
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