Propeller board frying

I bought 4 ARLO kits with propeller activity boards, All related drivers were installed in PC and Activity boards were tested as follows:
1st: connected to PC via USB and downloaded No surprises program.c Board worked fine
2nd: connected to PC via USB, no LED glowed, so I have given DC supply through barrel jack connector.(Arlo ). Bad odour has come from the onboard serial connector
3rd: connected to PC via USB, power LED glows, but related COM port was not detected in PC to download Nosurprises.c program
4th: connected to PC via USB , no power LED glows.

I am stuck . can anyone help


  • Seems the best advice would be to contact Parallax support directly.

    Here's the details:

    That said, do you have anything connected to the activity board 3-pin servo headers?
    And are the little 2mm headers in the right place, that select between VIN and 5V on those headers?
    For example, if you have the jumper on VIN and plugged a 5V device into the 3-pin headers, that would cause issues.

    You really should contact support though... they can talk you through diagnosing and fixing the problems.

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