spin and pasm

if i wrote a program for prop1....using spin and pasm.....what pasm instructions will i need to change....what will i use instead of spin


  • Welcome, Anthonyslow

    Spin2 will be available soon. The instructions for spin2 and pasm2 will be almost identical to spin and pasm from prop1, the differences are mostly architectural.

    Timing (Spin2 will be a heap faster), and smartpins and interrupts in P2 replace Prop1 counters/waitpeq instructions etc

    It won't be too scary, probably a whole lot of fun in fact. Spin2 is going to scream along, and will be able to call inline pasm2 when required.
  • There is already a Spin compiler for P2 (fastspin, the latest version is at https://github.com/totalspectrum/spin2cpp/releases). It accepts the "standard" Spin language plus some extensions that Chip has indicated will be in Spin2. In P2 mode fastspin does require that you write P2 assembler rather than P1, but the Spin parts can be the same.
  • so...we dont have spin2....and we dont have a complete list of pasm2 instructions
  • so...we dont have spin2....and we dont have a complete list of pasm2 instructions

    You can see all the P2 assembler instructions in the Google sheet that's linked in the first post of the FPGA FILES thread.
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    Of course we have a full list of P2 PASM instructions. How else do think we have been testing the P2? ;)

    There is another document somewhere (on google???) that describes most P2 instructions in more detail. It's not quite complete, and the opcodes were changed since those docs were done so be careful.

    Spin2 hasn't been finalised, nor has the spin2 Interpreter been written.
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