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  • As I wrote in another post, I don't have this issue (planned feature?) with http, only with https (Chrome + Win10). Obviously https is overall the preferred choice over http
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  • Oddly, I haven't seen any alternating color ever. Win 10, up-to-date Chrome.
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    What, even when using "https://" as in:


    Then I get alternate grey shading on posts in Chrome on Win 10.

    I can't for the life of me fathom why this shading should be different for http: and https:

    Edit: Even more oddly I get alternate grey shading with both http: and https: using the same Chrome version on a Debian Linux machine. And superscript and subscript work there (as in the first poste here) but not the noparse.

    All very strange.
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    [noparse] doesn't do anything under any situation, right?[/noparse]
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  • The forum's a tad overdue for auto-redirecting http to https.
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  • Can't see [noparse] working in any situation (http or https, Win 10 or Debian) using Chrome.

    [noparse] does not work in my Win 10 Firefox on Win 10.

    Now I notice that I do get alternate grey shading in Firefox with or without https:
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    Lol, what the chances that visibility of the light grey bands is more dependent on LCD monitor quality that anything to do with software.

    EDIT: Although that doesn't explain why some people are seeing a light green instead.

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    Admittedly it's a very light grey which I can imagine might be hard to see on some LCD monitors. Some I my old monitors are very bad about this.

    But when I switch from HTTPS to HTTP in Chrome on Win 10 I'm using the exact same monitor. The difference is quite noticeable.

    I tried to do a diff between the HTML served up when using HTTP and HTTPS. But that showed every line was different! Even when ignoring blanks.
  • Oh, I see, it needs both Chrome and HTTP, combined, to trigger the no-show.
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  • Yes, except on by Debian machine with the same Chrome version which always shows the grey backgrounds!
  • I see no difference with Chrome on MacBook between HTTP and HTTPS.

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    So now the alternating message BG color thing shows up on both http and https. It's a minor thing but c'mon, Parallax!
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    pmrobert wrote: »
    So now the alternating message BG color thing shows up on both http and https. It's a minor thing but c'mon, Parallax!

    Here, on Win10 and Chrome, it fails to show on https/ but does show on http/ (same monitor, of course)
  • jmgjmg Posts: 12,618
    and there are other differences too ...
    See the renders on http & https attached

    Grey background, and blue quote box border, differ.
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  • On my Dell Inspiron using Firefox it looks the same on HTTP and HTTPS. Both alternate post with white and gray backgrounds.
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  • But wait, jmg, on this Win 10 and Chrome machine with a fairly nice Samsung monitor I have it the other way around:

    HTTP:// - No grey backgrounds. No blue borders on quote boxes.

    HTTPS:// - Alternating grey back grounds and blue borders on quote box

    What on Earth is going on?
  • This alternating background thing is confusing. Parallax please get rid of it.
  • I guess most of the confusion is because Parallax is currently changing the html/css/script stuff. And they are in the cloud now, so it is not guaranteed that @Heater. gets the same source from the same server then @Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi). Furthermore there is the cache issue, starting at the server side where request/response get cached down to the browser not reloading each CSS file every time.

    Short, what you guys get is not the same,

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  • msrobots,

    Blow me down you are right. When I disable the browser cache in Chrome I get the same alternating grey back grounds in HTTP and HTTPS.

    Kicking myself for not thinking of that. It's not like I have not had this problem many times before.

    No help with the noparse thing though.
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    While i personally prefer the alternating backgrounds, here is a solution for the people that don't: just install this userstyle i wrote. Here is a Userstyle manager for Chrome or Vivaldi, if you don't have one already. There's also one for Firefox, but i'm too lazy to dig out a link for it.
    @-moz-document domain("forums.parallax.com") {
    .Item.Alt.ItemComment {
        background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

    The code blocks however should be improved with proper selectable syntax highlighting for at least C and Spin. (However, most common libraries that do syntax highlighting support many common languages out-of-the-box)
  • Is that possible to skip the 3 columns at the right ? (# of views, # of vote, # of follows) ?

    or at least on smartphone. I don't think those columns are really usefull for forum's users.
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