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Has anyone ever (hooked up / able to read...OEM), a Bar Code with the BS2 Stamp? My initial jumping off block/thought is the line reader code with the BOE BOT Robots.

YouTube has some good basic 'how to' read a Bar Code, video's that I have checked out. (Start...Middle...End) , checksum...etc.

Can the PBASIC code handle (large Bar Code Data...120 bytes) with the right LED/Photo cell connection?

Thanks for any insight


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    There seem to be a few 5V serial bar code readers still on the market. I saw one quoted around $60 with this as the sales brochure (here). This one sounds like it should be able to be used with a BS2 Stamp from an electrical standpoint. Depending on what you need to read, it might be able to work from a programming perspective. A BS2 won't do well with large bar code data because of memory limitations. You might be able to handle long messages using a BS2p (or BS2pe or BS2px) all of which have additional memory (128 bytes) you can use to buffer the data.

    I would use a BS2px if you're going to start with LEDs and phototransistors since it's the fastest of the Stamps. Photocells are too slow for this sort of thing.

    I wouldn't try to do anything else with the Stamp while reading the bar codes (like controlling a Boe-Bot). You would be better off using a Propeller with its speed and multiple processors.
  • I still have a few of these LS-1220 scan engines if you wanted to try one. Standard RS232@9600 from a 9 pin dsub.
    Send me a PM. For $10, I will toss one of these in a small flat rate box to you. I can pack the empty space with a ton of other useful parts.
  • Hello Mike/WBA Consulting,

    Mike, I do use the BS2p scanning a (OEM Magnetic Scan Reader) that works...(Reader from Sparkfun...RS232, 9600). I do use the SPSTR Command. I did check out the LINK...

    WBA, I just checked the link and had already re-work my design, but I only have 2 free pins on each Bank my OEM BS2p (AUXIO/MAINIO), because I have 2 Parallel LCD Screens. How many pins did you use in your design and would be willing to provide any sample communication PBASIC Code? I would like to purchase 2 of them please.

    I will PM later.......have to work on the new slightly wrecked car now, wanted to get this out.. :swear: :swear: :swear:

  • I never did anything with these in PBASIC, but did play a bit in SPIN. I can't recall my challenges, but it's basic RS232 serial data, so I don't think it should be very difficult. You should be able to use only two pins. One pin for the trigger output to tell the scan-engine to start scanning and one for receiving the serial data. The scan-engine automatically outputs serial data on a successful scan.
  • I noticed the link to the PDF manual was broken, so here it is with the brochure.
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