The DEBUG terminal is not appearing.

I am using basic stamp 2.When I enter a DEBUG command, the DEBUG terminal window doesn’t appear. It does, however, randomly appear in the upper left corner of the programming window. It started happening a few days ago. Why is it happening, and how do I fix it?


  • Hello
    I bought a new computer a 4 or 5 mnths ago and after all the updates I thought that it came from one of the 8th Gen. versions that may have made this start happening.

    My problems are:
    1) Debug appears in the Top Left hand side of the programming window(Top left Side Bar Window Area), with a white back ground.
    2) or Debug Data does not go/show in the Debug window (3 monitors hdmi...on second monitor).
    3) RUN program 3 or 4 times and Data does not show.
    4) Close Debug window and re-RUN and all seems to be well.
    5) Data (No Show) seems to be random.

    Thought it was just me
  • What version of Windows?
    What version of Basic Stamp software?
    Current version Basic Stamp software:
    Infernal Machine
  • I am using Windows 10 Home edition. I am also using Basic Stamp editor version 2.5.4 does that help?
    I am sorry, when I said that the Debug appears in the upper left hand corner of the programming window, I mean that the Debug “statements “ appear alone without the window, overlapping the program.
  • Wait, did you (hmlittle59) say that it appears without the window, or with the window and without the data?
    And if you mean that it appears without the window, then where did you find the Debug window to be able to close it?
  • Hello,

    Editor 2.5.3

    Windows 10 Home
    Amd Ryzen 7 1700x 8 core 64 bit

    I could relate to what the other person was describing but did not clarify/confirm. Only the DATA was being displayed in the upper left hand corner of the programming screen(No Screen to SHUT down).
    Re-Run and the Debug would pop up......With or Without Data at that time, not 100% sure/remember.

    Will update Editor to 2.5.4....from previous, I look to still have the same random issue.
  • Hello,

    Can not upgrade. Used the link from above and all seems to go well. During installation, I get the error 1316:Account already exist.

    Did it 4 or 5 times and then did a computer reboot with the same results.

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    Duplicate comment.
  • Hello All,
    Had to delete the Parallax directory and start new.....

    Now I'm up to 2.5.4

    Note: Just did a post about Bar Code reading with the BS2 (PBASIC). Glad I did a copy of the page, like I normally do before I do a post, because, for some reason it just hung up and then the Login window almost appeared.....Box, no data.

    Thinking that nothing had posted, I started it all over with a blank window and did a (Paste) and (Post).


    Why it hung I do not know
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