in using the Parallax serial text (pst)

What is the proper syntax to get the cursor to return to the HOME position...aka...0,0? I have a list of the various commands, however, it does not show how to return to 0,0 to write over the last output at the HOME position. And to place the cursor at any position...for a new write...thanks DennO


  • Hey denno, I attach some snippets from the code of Parallax Serial Terminal. I suggest you look directly at the code to figure out the commands - the program it is well documented and structured.

    PUB Home
    {{Send cursor to home position (top-left).}}

    PUB Position(x, y)
    {{Position cursor at column x, row y (from top-left).}}
  • That is what I was looking for...macrobeak...thanks...
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