Need low-cost audio amplifier and speaker x 1K units - request for help!

Hey all,

This October we're producing a promotional kit so customers can animate a pumpkin, Christmas ornament or anything else similar. The kit contents will include:

(2) Parallax Standard Servos
(2) WS2812 LED rings
(1) PIR
(misc) 3-pin cables and connectors

and one more part we have not chosen - an LM386 audio amplifier with speaker for sound and wav file playback from the Propeller. This should cost us less than $6-8. It needs to have a simple method of connections (being breadboard ready is good, but not required).

You'd think there would be thousands of choices, but I can't really find what we're looking for. We will use about 1K units.

I'm wondering if any of our forum members could provide some links to possible solutions for an integrated speaker and audio amplifier.


Ken Gracey


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