Wanted: Salvage Part for ELEV-8 V2

I am picking up my drone again after a few years off. Unfortunately, after a few mishaps, I am in need of a part to get it back in the air. I hope that this is not out of place or considered gauche, but I am wondering if anybody on this forum has a spare ELEV-8 V2 chassis plate in their box and would not mind parting with it. It is no longer available via Parallax and while I am aware and do have the CAD file for this part, I though I would check here first before going to the effort of getting a Delrin replacement made. Thanks, in advance, for any responses.



  • Chuck, I bought 5 pieces when there were on sale. I have enough to build two crafts with one leftover. PM me.
  • Publison,
    Thanks so much! PM sent.

  • ercoerco Posts: 19,584
    I love it when Publison swoops in and saves the day. Safe & happy flying, Chuck!
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