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  • Hi!

    Just want to chime in on this thread -awesome to see so much interest!

    Ken mentioned it before, but the best starting point is getting working c (not c++) code for a device. It can use SPIN/PASM under the hood (see the WS2812 driver library) , as long as there are c functions that can be called.

    BTW - I have a personal wishlist of things I want blocklyprop to do too...

    You don't even really need to make a full library on your own - we can help with that process - and it some ways, getting us involved early will help keep the libraries consistent (Andy and I often review each other's work specifically to ensure consistency).

    Once there is a library with a set of functions, it's really easy to make blocks. If you have something in mind for blocks, you can always use the Block Factory to monkey around with what blocks can look like - be sure to get 1) screencaps, and 2) set the language code to "JavaScript" and copy the code and the text in the generator stub into a text doc.

    You can submit your ideas as an "issue" in github here: Be sure to include the screencaps and code from the step above.

    That's basically the process, and we would LOVE community help with this!!!!

    As for the offline version, we are both really close and a ways off :) We've proven it out, so we know it works. The roadblocks between here and done are:
    - Verifying that the chrome app works on all OSs
    - Merge the chrome app (client) and the website content (editor)
    - Clean up how the browser talks to the AWS servers
    - Figure out the whole online vs. offline project management piece.

    The first two are small potatoes. The third isn't that far off either - it's that last one... :neutral:

    We're working hard on it!!!
  • @Matt, bare-bones is a good approach in regards to project management. For the launch, users can be all offline or all online. We don't need to worry about that part as an initial requirement. Fall is right around the corner. . .

    Does that make your job easier?

    Ken Gracey
  • Ken Gracey wrote: »
    Fall is right around the corner. . .

    Does that make your job easier?

    Ken Gracey

  • Once we clear the "make the launcher work on all OS's" bar, this will move fast...
  • And I think Jeff is close...
  • Yahoo!
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