Can or will the OLED Initialization block be modified to include Screen Rotation?

This was somewhat touched on in an earlier post explaining why the Blockly OLED Init block only offers 5 parameters while in the code view there were 6, the 6th one being for which edge of the OLED was the top. Currently that value is locked at 2, the edge opposite the pins is the top. The Code view is read only and so cannot be changed.
Is there anything in the works to expand the Initialization block to 6 parameters? Or is the only way to import the code view into SimpleIde and make the change there? That would require an extra source code to be maintained.


  • Hal, I'm going to alert Matt to take a look at your request. I'm not certain we want to enable a switched view or not, but I'm sure he's thought about this part quite a bit.

    - Ken
  • Good evening,

    I'm sorry I'm only now circling back to this - I'll get an issue in tonight. That way I'll remember to add it as an option in the dropdown of the OLED command block. I won't add it to the initializer, but if I'm remembering correctly, the origin (hence "rotation") can be changed on the fly. It doesn't rotate the contents of the screen - it just begins drawing new stuff from the new origin.
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