Good tutorials on that Class and Member stuff in some Arduino libraries

The LiquidCystal library for LCDs is commonly listed on many websites so I tried looking at it and it has all this Class and Member stuff that I was not familiar with.

I was looking for some stepper motor information and I ran across this website which had a tutorial that explained it to me using the classic blinking LED code.

There is also a follow-up tutorial on libraries that includes a link to the Arduino website that I've never seen before.

I hope others find this useful and I can see now that Classes aren't as complicated as they initially seemed.


  • The class and member stuff in C++, as used by the Arduino, has a lot in common with the object and method stuff in Spin on the Propeller. Have you never used a Propeller and Spin?
  • Heater,

    I noticed that.
    Spin uses Object, Method, Private and Public but not Class, Member, or Property.

    The tutorial made it understandable and showed how to apply it.
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