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DanceBot - substitute for GWS PG-03 gyro

I'm finally trying to build a version of the DanceBot.

I should have researched this a bit more as to the availability of the parts :)

The GWS PG-03 gyro is (1) in short supply and (2) out of my price range for this project. $40 on ebay.

Does anyone know of a more reasonably priced substitute? Say $10 and under, with more or less the same functionality (pulse generation)?

I have some experience with the MPU-6050 ($2-3), has anyone used it (or the same type of instantaneous gyro/accelerometer) for a DanceBot?

On a related note, what is the minimum version of ViewPort that will support the development of a DanceBot? I'm not sure if the "low-speed" versions will work.




  • Hello Walter,

    I'm sure you could use any gyro. Here is Parallax's L3G4200D board for less than 10 bucks:

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to use the gyro with Prop C.

    Hope this helps.

  • I'm sure you could use any gyro.

    Hello David -

    Yes, I could use almost any gyro. But the GWS PG-03 has a completely different output, which is a servo pulse, for example for a quadcopter.

    The length of the pulse corresponds to how far the robot is out of balance.

    The DanceBot software captures those pulses and interprets them, instead of using the instantaneous gyro data in MPU-6050 and most other current gyros.

    I'm just trying to avoid reinventing the wheel.


  • Yea, those are different beast. They were normally use for the tail rotor on an RC helicopter. Do some researching on "helicopter Gyro Tail Rotor". Not saying they will be the same specs, but might be close to the output the old gyro had.

  • Ah, thanks for the clarification, Walter.
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