adding more conditons to a case loop in Blockly Prop

I tried adding more case to a case loop,the directions say to click the cog icon when it is clicked a balloon opens up with the selections but does not explain how to add. I tried dragging,double click etc.
and nothing works.

Please somebody explain stepwise how to do this.


Sir(Trying to learn Blobkly)


  • Click on the cog icon.
    That opens a bubble with "case" and "default" on the left and "switch" and a one or more "case" stacked on the right.

    Drag "case" (or default) from the left to a position in the stack on the right.

    Add as many "case" blocks as you want.

    Then click on the cog to close the bubble and show the cases added to the switch block.

    Hope this helps
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