Error Downloading from BlocklyProp Client onto Scribbler S2

I'm having trouble downloading a project into my Scribbler S2 while working on machines in our computer labs. It works fine in my office and on my home computer.
A screenshot of the error message is attached.

I first thought it was a Windows Firewall issue, since I'm in charge of my firewall settings in home and office, but not in the labs. When I'd run the BlocklyProp Client, a Windows Firewall message would appear that I could only cancel. However, I couldn't replicate the error in my office, no matter how I changed the firewall settings. I even changed the default firewall rules that the BP Client installer adds from Allow to Block, and it still worked fine.

I'm now wondering if it may be a file permissions issue or something similar. I'm not an Administrator user on the Lab machines, but I am in the office and at home. Does anyone have any idea what permissions are required to copy the .elf file from the appdata/local/temp/ folder across a COM port?

Thanks in advance,

Matt Colburn


  • Does the COM port appear in the upper right corner?

    Is this robot red or green?

    If green, it's the S3. Make sure the robot is actually on - usually a connection to the port turns it on. Sometimes if it has a prior program people will turn it off (but the light is still on due to charge status) and then it does not program.

    Ken Gracey
  • The COM port (COM3) does appear correctly in the corner of the browser. (Chrome)

    It's the S2. It's red. It's on. Fresh batteries. It begins to execute the prior program (a few LED flashes and a beep) when it starts the download process.

    We've used a pile of them for several years now in our introductory Computer Science courses. We're also using the S2 Scribbler Program Maker v1.8 and the Propeller tool (v1.2.7.2), both of which work fine. I was just impressed with how simple and intuitive the BlockyProp interface was and hoped to use it in class this semester instead of the S2 Software.
  • I need to check with our tech support staff about this combination. I'm not certain that the S2 works reliably with BlocklyProp. We've spent many hours on this issue to try to support it and I thought it was achieved, but I'm not all that sure.

    Let me copy this thread over to support and see what they say.

    Ken Gracey
  • If your are able to load a program on your personal pcs at home and in your office, then I would suspect it's a permissions issue. You may need to be logged in as an administrator in the pcs in the lab. Another thing you could try is to completely log out of Blockly, including the client. Then log back in and try to redownload a program. I do believe its a permissions issue though.

  • @jmcolburn - I am not a Parallax employee, but I have experience with the S2 and S3. I am with Miguel - I think it is a permission issue on your school computers - especially since it is working at your home and office.

    I have not had any issues with compatibility with the S2 and BlocklyProp. Hope you get it figured out.
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