Qty. 80 of brand new 3.0" LCD, driver board and cable.

Some of you that have been around here a while know that I use to run a small web shop called Brilldea. It was fun and it did very well, when I was able to pay attention to it. I was living internationally at the time and my day job involved project work that ebbed and flowed. Short story is that around 2013ish I wrapped up the business. However I've got various stock that I found recently.

For sale is one lot of 3.0 LCD, driver boards, cables and a couple acrylic frames. All brand new.
The pictures show exactly what will ship, if you buy this.

Here are the specifics:
81 Driver Boards
87 Cables
80 LCD
10 White frames/bezels
5 Black frames/bezels

I've attached pictures of exactly what you would get, plus the data sheets I have. I'm asking US$200 plus shipping. Transaction to be done via PayPal.

These would be great for an art project, to potentially resell to the community, or just a lot of tinkering with displays. The primary use with these units was to connect up to a Propeller's TV output and use this is a basic display.

Send me a PM if you are interested.


  • ercoerco Posts: 19,619
    80 composite video displays for $200? Am I reading that right? Too good to be true?
  • Yes, that is correct Erco, 80 composite video displays.

    I don't think it is too good to be true. Maybe I did price it low. However, I forgot I had them, and would like the shelf space where they currently reside, and I hope they can find a good use with someone else. I could make a lot more selling them individually for $10 or $15 a unit, however I'm just looking to move the whole lot so I can stay focused on a couple other side projects I'm working on right now.
  • Just bumping the thread as the units are still available and I'm eager to clear the space.
  • OK - Price lowered to $175 for all the items. Lets say this includes shipping, which is around $25ish.

    Send me a PM if you are interested.
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