TheBlackBox: Release v2.0 - Propeller HSS FX/Sequencer with Digital Audio SPDIF

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TheBlackBox: Release v2.0 - Propeller HSS FX/Sequencer with Digital Audio SPDIF output.

This is to announce v2.0.
Major changes, are use of a single eeprom and crystal.
Improved programming / commenting.
More videos of TWO black boxes operating together using the clock sync feature(new in 2.0)
-future input of accelerometer, theremin, and piano interface. Plus other input methods.
-uses VIEWPORT as a tool to do diagnostic and virtual interfacing.
-each prop communicates at 250Kbps using the "fullduplexserial" object.

Description: Propeller BlackBox Audio Sequencer V2.0
This device is an audio waveform creation and 32 step sequencer.
(for musicians, mostly electronica dj's) (aka... bassline sequencer, drum machine, 303, 909, etc.)
This device creates audio, it does NOT accept audio INPUT. (yet)

-Live fx mode to allow direct output of the current waveform set by 12 different potentiometers.
-The sequencer allows the fx to be loaded into any one of 32 steps in the sequencer.
- SPDIF audio output or analog output via a switch (not both at the same time)
- analog output to a monitor(at the same time as spdif/analog output above (headphones or studio speakers) to allow auditioning before outputting live.
- 3 encoders that allow - BPM, main volume, and BPM jumps(1/3, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 2/3) and a switch for jump direction. (main volume and bpm jump programming not complete yet)
- BlackBox to BlackBox CLOCK sync, input rca, output rca.(serial @ 150Kbps, works over 1 foot rca cable) (this is so many of these devices can be connected to one main BEAT CLOCK MASTER.)
- 32 LEDS are used as sequencer step indication, ALONG with using the 32 LEDS as buttons to load waveform
- 2 leds that start/stop the sequencer and live fx waveform.
- fully open source that uses the HSS code to generate the audio.

Schematic: See attachment BlackBoxV2.pdf

Block Diagram See attachment BBv2Block.pdf
- AudioSequencer(U1) prop uses all 8 cogs and has 18 I/O free.
- PotReader(U2) prop uses all 8 cogs and has 6 I/O free.
- LedReader16(U3) prop uses 5 cogs and has 8 I/O free.
- LeadReader32(U4) prop uses 5 cogs and has 4 I/O free.

Source Code:See attachment fully commented.

Bill of Materials:
4- propeller chips, U1, U2, U3, U4
34- LEDS
1-tri color led. (common anode)
12- 1.5uf tantalum capacitors
12- potentiometers, I have used 20k and 100k, requires small programming changes
3- quadrature encoders
7- switches(on/on)
3- 1/8in stereo plugs
3- rca jacks
1- 5mhz crystal
1- 32kb eerpom (I used 24lc256)
20- 10k resistors
4- 1k resistors
16- 470ohm resistors
2- 220ohm resistors
3- 560ohm resistors
2- 22ohm resistors
2- 10ohm resistors
12- 0.1uf nonpolar caps
2- 10uf polar caps
1- BlackBox(or any color you like to hold it all)
1- 3.3v power supply. (500ma)
!- Lots of wire, time and solder.

Pictures and Video: See Attachment:
BlackBoxV2Inside.jpg(see post with viewport image attachment)

YoutTube videos:
Video demonstration of two black boxes, one controlling the other using the clockin/clockout located on prop U4. v2.0

Prior videos of a single box running v1.0

Really old videos: Prototype.

TERMS OF USE: MIT License & Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (

"Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any pers...........................
..............................OMITTED FOR FORUM............................................. ..

The dsp/fpga king is dead, long live the prop.

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1.Silicon gel filled square. <-2.Sonics(ultra even). 3.Lazers. 4.?
54 propeller chips connected, One to rule them all.
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