Mrs. Doorboto

Wait for it... (it's at the end).


  • How many jobs did Mrs. Doorboto take out of the workforce? At minimum it would be one job that lasted 10 years.
  • They really need a Donnie Doorboto. Anyone with kids knows they find ways to significantly shorten the life of any car part.
  • Untold thousands.

    You see, if the nice Mrs Doorboto helps arrive at door designs that last ten years then there is massively less failures of door handles, locks, hinges, window mechanisms, seals, mirrors, etc, etc, etc.

    That means a massive drop in the amount of work for countless thousands of car mechanics and repair shops around the world.

  • ercoerco Posts: 19,601
    I was a mechanic at Palmetto Ford in SC way back in the summer of 1980. That's when I bought my Corvair! For Ford, I did engine rebuilds, automatic transmission rebuilds, those were fun. The worst job I had was on a Thunderbird, replacing a small keypad in the door, right by the driver side door handle. Keyless access was high tech for 1980! Had to work through very small cutouts in the door interior-- very sharp sheet metal. Sliced & scraped my hands raw. Lost a pint of blood, but I finished the job by 5pm.
  • erco wrote: »
    Wait for it... (it's at the end).

    Domo Arigato, Mr. Doorboto!

    How did they not do this?! It's covered by fair use.
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