Waterproof 4x20 LCD Case

I need a waterproof enclosure for a 4x20 character LCD or VFD mounted in an industrial-type aluminum control panel, so that it's visible in sunlight and at night from several feet away. I have a Parallax 27979 LCD, and it's bright enough, but somewhat larger characters would be nice. If I use some other display, it still has to have a 3.3V-compatible or RS-232 serial interface to talk to a Propeller, which is mounted elsewhere and already has a waterproof enclosure I'm happy with.

The LCD enclosure needs to be waterproof from all sides, and it has to look professional. It shouldn't have buttons, but a pre-made enclosure that has small, inconspicuous buttons but is otherwise what I want would be OK. Flush with the panel would be best, but isn't necessary. I've looked all over the Internet, and haven't really found anything that's what I want. I made a 3D printed case with an acrylic cover, but I'm not really happy with it because it looks 3D-printed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to buy or how to easily make a suitable LCD enclosure?



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