BS2P24 to BS2P24 OEM and RS-232 to USB

Hi Folks,
I have designed a nice project using the BS2P24 and want to migrate this now to the BS2P24 OEM chip. Is there a schematic/BOM and any discussion around doing this? I'm certain its been done already, so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

While I'm at it, I am currently using a RS-232 serial connector. I want to move into the 21st century so is there also a schematic to migrate at the same time to a USB interface? Again, a schematic and BOM would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Mike GreenMike Green Posts: 23,022
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    Look at the BS2p24 module schematic downloadable from the product page for the OEM chip. Also look at the schematic for the Board of Education USB version (BOE). You can use the USB interface from the BOE and any other bits and pieces that seem useful. You may not need the regulators and certainly won't need the breadboard and related connectors. Similarly, you may not need the regulator shown on the BS2p24 module. It's not a ready-to-go schematic and BOM, but you should find examples of what you'll need ... and it's known to work.
  • Hi Mike,
    I did download the BSP24 module schematic and can see all the components, and connections, etc. I also found the schematic for the BOE USB board schematic with associated components and connections. Thank-you for both suggestions! I'll use the pieces i think are needed and breadboard it all out and give it a go before i have it layed out on a PCB.

    Again, thanks for the quick response Mike - much appreciated!
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