Parallax Sale

I rarely check Announcements, but Jen mentioned a clearance sale on June 16. Have a look, it's last call for items ending in 87 cents. The Prop BoE is on clearance for $50, down from $130! Lifetime warranty! It's an investment and an heirloom!


  • I bought the PropScope which is also on clearance sale. I guess the hardware is open source but not the software. Does anyone have alternative firmware for it that is open source?
  • David, try a forum search for "OpenScope". I don't believe the project completed, but it might have some useful code chunks or ideas.
  • MikeDYurMikeDYur Posts: 2,176
    edited 2017-08-03 - 22:12:01
    Nice deal.

    I had to have one, and happy to pay full price for a board with such capability.
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