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Thought this would make at least one persons day.... see #7


  • Haha, they're all pretty funny!!
  • James would like that.
  • I especially like 2.

    And we already have a Dr_Acula (James) on our forums although he's been MIA for some time now ;)
  • @Cluso99,
    Been in and out a bit as well, noticed that as well. Hopefully just a case of the to busy to play.

  • Drac's playing with Z80 and CP/M on FPGA ;)
  • frank freedmanfrank freedman Posts: 1,616
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    Now that sounds like fun! But, will he be making it a black box or will he have a "real" front panel?

    @Cluso99, if you have direct comms with DrAcula, this link may be of interest to him..

    Tons of all the CP/M stuff. Walnut Creek archives and more.
  • Drac is sometimes on forums.

    I haven't chatted to him for a while. Sometimes we catch up when we visit my wife's relos in Adelaide.

    I will pass the link along. Looks interesting!
  • Nice find :)
  • Any time. By the way there is a working copy of wiremaster on one of the archives. No manual though, Everything then was hardcopy and a simple readme on the distribution disk. Really tax the grey matter to remember the odd capabilities such as coding up headers for discrete parts. Also got the 2D and 3D IMSAI simulation on Z80pack site running. Nice, but not quite the same as actually having the IMSAI. with an ASR-33.... and then a Heath Zenith 19 terminal....
  • I'm still around, but playing around with a family of boards that start with A and thought it best not to mention this too much on the Propeller forum. Z80 emulations, currently porting the touchscreen code over to a Mega.
  • Drac,
    I am going to jump in on the FPGA Z80. I have both the Cyclone II & IV boards discussed on the retro forum. I have an a/c but have yet to post. I've seen you over there.
    Must drop you an email.
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