Parral dev board, based on parallax propeller



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    I really like the design if the M44d40+. It would be helpful to slap a pinout sticker on top of the Prop or on the side of the headers. I'll have to look for the associated thread for this.

    Parallax still sells the label:

    Found out this is a paper backed sticker, and ended laminating it.

    I hate stickers anyway.
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    ... I hope that you do lean towards micro or mini for USB. Other than Arduino users, I don't know anyone that has USB B cables laying around. I have two total in my house, yet have numerous mini and micro. There are many options available for both mini and micro that are extremely durable when designed in correctly.

    Certainly USB-B is a dinosaur, and there is a trend to using micro-USB as the standard power connector for chargers.
    That said, I've not been too impressed with Micro-USB reliability. Of the cables here that have gone 'dodgy', they are all mciroUSB.
    I fear their rush to reduce the size, came at the cost of inner strength.
    If you do choose Micro-USB, be sure to select one with 4 thru-hole mounting pins, so at least the PCB-connector is strong.

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    quote=" 3) Add access to IO on the main area of the board. Could be simply an extra row of holes on either side of the DIP40."
    3) for now, Parral is designed to be used on a breadboard, but I will consider your tip for a future version.
    The additional access does not exclude breadboard, it just gives another place to connect probes, etc, or some stacked daughter card.
    A simple extra-row on each side seems useful (you would allow isolate of XTAL pins ), supplied with nothing fitted.
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