finally figured out how to import pulses and transfer to outputs, but if all inputs are idle ,I want to output a pulse of a unspecified duration.(x/1059) to the R.A. motor. How can I code this simply


  • You really need to provide more information. For example, what language are you using (Spin, C, ???). What do you mean by "idle"? Which inputs are you talking about? Where do you want to output the pulse?
  • Hi mike , I am using spin language . When I say input is idle ,I am referring to a input which is not giving any signals. The first four inputs are low when idle, they go high when I press the button on the hand controller. on the other four inputs, they are pulled high and when the camera-computer wants to move the mount the line goes low. Output pulse is directed to the enable line on the L298 motor driver. Motor controller has four lines, R.A.+,R.A.-,DEC+,DEC-.
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