Where can I find this battery contact?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a receptacle like the one shown in the pic.
I tried so many key words like battery connector, blade receptacle pcb, battery terminal pcb and more and any combination of those in google, mouser and digikey.
The picture shows the internals of a Makita battery.
I have a project where I could use such robust contacts, that have a lot of play/lash/clearance. It is for an assembly that has to be mounted and dismounted regularly. We will have mechanical guides but I fear that standard battery connectors have not enough lash because they are quite small compared to the assembly. And those Makita connectors provide good guid for the blade that goes into the receptacle.
Does anyone have an idea where I can find that thing or at least how it is called?

I already got a hint from EEVBlog forum that TE's Pluggable Bus Bar Connectors could do the job, but they are very expensive --> 36USD/piece.

I also found cheap replacement boards for the Makita one, so those connectors have to be available somewhere?

Thanks guys!



  • Cannot help with those particular connectors but you may want to consider PCB mount fuse clips if the Makita ones cannot be obtained. They would probably be less costly and more durable.
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  • Check with other manufacturers. I scrapped a B&D cordless drill that had similar connections. I saved them as they would make a good charging station for a robot to plug itself into.
  • Here is the example of B&D's connections. The male end resembles a prong on an AC plug.
    2048 x 1152 - 859K
  • Thank you both! I will have a look at the fuse clips.
  • Also look at the Keystone #3557:


    DigiKey carries them.

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  • Thanks.
    We will try now with Harwin S7061-42R earthing contact.
    We will have two PCBs, one with the Harwin spring and one with SMD Pad as counter part.
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