4-d tilt sensor

I am working on a virtual pinball machine...would this sensor work as a tilt sensor for the pinball cabinet?? Would it respond fast enough?? I have a usb arcade controller unit I use for the buttons...I am wondering if this sensor can be used basically as two buttons for left and right tilts.


  • If you mean the Parallax 28036 4-Directional Tilt Sensor then probably not. From the sensor data sheet "New locations are triggered when the sensor is rotated roughly 30° toward the new position." That's a lot of tilt for a pinball machine.
  • Buttons for left/right tilts? Did you mean buttons for flippers?
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    Oh I missed VIRTUAL haha.

    Yeah you can use this, but it will he hard to judge just when the tilt would take place. I highly suggest trying it. Buttons are going to get you a higher score, but gesture controlling stuff is fun and adds challenge!
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