AndroidThings(internetOFTHings) - OS _ Ver 7.0 - Raspberry Pi 3 - Developer Preview:

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For anyone interested in the Internet of things and interfacing a propeller chip with with a Raspberry pi (Android) today, Google released AndroidThings (internet of things ) . Hopefully Prop 2 can serve as some kind of hub.

Developer Preview:

I just installed it to a SD card and fired it up using my TV as a monitor: (Screen shot attached)

I haven't gotten past the first screen yet but it's a start. The mouse works LOL

Time to read the instructions now :)


  • First Sample Program up and running - Simple User Interface

    880 x 579 - 1M
  • Just curious - what board does that sample program represent? I don't recognize it.

    Have you perused the Pi forums? I know that some have been asking for Android on the Pi for quite some time, and I wonder what the reaction is to this release.
  • Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL)Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL) Posts: 1,546
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    Hi Keith,

    This Android release is for various boards but I'm using it with the Raspberry PI 3

    You can see a few more boards with this URL:

    That image you are referring to is a general example that can relate to any board(I think) . I firs thought it was for a Pi but the examples don't specify any particular board.

    Re:Pi Forum

    Not I haven't posted there. This kit was only released late today.

  • There are ports of Android that run on the Raspberry Pi as well as RT Android but with limited functionality. The BeagleBone Black is a better option for run Android.

    However, this looks more like a developer environment which looks interesting.

    A version for the Parallax WX ESP8266 WiFi Module would be cool though.
  • Anyone tried this with the Propeller HAT?

    Tempted to have a go.
    Failure is not an's bundled with the software.
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