Si1143 Gesture Sensor.

I got the Si1143 out and was going to play around with it. But I am confused by the quick-start guide (page 2) in the paralax PDF it says to wire up like the diagram. Under the popeller paragraph says

For the Propeller P8X32A, Vdd is 3.3 VDC, and The microcontroller pins P0, P1, and P2 match the
Propeller I/O pins used in the Spin example code.

The stamp says

For the BASIC Stamp 2, Vdd is 5 VDC, and R is 4.7 kΩ. The microcontroller pins P0 and P1 match BASIC
Stamp I/O pins used in the PBASIC example code. Omit the P2 connection to the device’s INT pin.

It does not give any resistor Info for the propeller. Does it not need it because VDC is 3.3 V? Or if it does what value should they be?


  • I was just trying to find my Gesture board yesterday. I was going to connect to a Prop.

    I'll keep you updated.

  • The SPIN file shows that the resistors ARE needed, and they are the same value as the 5v.
    File:    Si1143.spin
    Version: 1.1
    Date:    November 19, 2012
    Typical Connection Diagram:
                   VIN = 3.3V                  
        ┌──────┐   ┬   ┬   ┬      ┬ ┌────────────────┐
        │      │   │   │   │      │ │•   [‣]        •│        
        │      │   R  R  R   ┌─┼─┤GND             │
        │      │   │   │   │     └─┤VIN   ┌─────────┘                        
        │    Px├───┻───┼───┼────────┤INT   │
        │    Py├───────┻───┼────────┤SCL   │        
        │    Px├───────────┻────────┤SDA   │
        │      │                    │•     │
        └──────┘                    └──────┘
        Propeller MCU               Si1143 Proximity
        (P8X32A)                     Sensor (28046)
        R = 4.7kΩ
        Px, Py, Pz = Any desired Propeller I/O pins               

    Pullup resistors on I2C devices is SOP.

    "Unlike UART or SPI connections, the I2C bus drivers are “open drain”, meaning that they can pull the corresponding signal line low, but cannot drive it high. "
  • I could not make out the spin file diagram when I opened it did see r but could not make out where it went. Had read things that had me not very sure if it needed it or not.
    Thanks very mush for the help.
  • I can not find my Gesture Sensor to test yet. I need to clean up!

  • I found mine while cleaning up trying to find a propeller development board.
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