Free Sensor to a good home

Please just pay shipping.
I purchased a bed sensor and a chair sensor to build an alert system for my aging grandfather. I believe cost was $100 each. They were purchased from a company called telehealth. Unfortunately grandpa passed away before i even opened the box they were shipped in. If they could work for you, please have them.

P/N #BOS1130 BED Sensor
P/N #COS1111 Chair Senor

these are just the sensors. no other electronics. Was going to build my own.


  • sorry. i meant to put this in accessories. Please move. i dont know how
  • I'm interested in these sensors but I don't have a strong need from them. I would give them to a neighbor with an elderly parent.

    If someone else has a more pressing need, I wouldn't feel bad passing these up.
  • Gives me faith in humanity, as far as the fellow forum members anyway, that someone doesn't have a real need for these items. Dont forget the PM aspect, as it could be an embarrassing subject.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,587
    A very gereous offer, Brian. Sorry for your loss. I don't need them, but hopefully someone can make good use of your items.

    Heathcare tech for aging people is increasingly important, and potentially big business. It's noteworthy that Tandy Trower, who formerly headed up Microsoft Robotics, is now doing his own thing at . Hopefully people entering that sector ultimately have more noble motivations than pure profit.

    I can't recall if there were any heathcare/monitoring for the elderly projects in Parallax's Micromedic contest, but that would certainly be worth revisiting.
  • There were many projects that could easily be adapted to monitor elderly patients and/or family members.

    The microMedic entries live on in the Inspiration section of Learn:
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    (I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules) Does anyone have a use for a batch of 16x2 LCD's? I have 35 new displays that were never used. Parallel interface, NON backlit. Couldn't get a response on ebay, and don't want to just toss them because I think it would be electronic waste. Someone would have to paypal $10 for shipping so I knew they were serious.

    I would think a robotics club or something wouldn't mind having them on hand.

    Just PM me
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,587
    Quite the generous offer, Master! I don't need them (got plenty I'm not using) but hopefully you found or will find them a good home. It would be a shame to toss them. In the right application, they are very useful.
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