Sf30-c accuracy and rate of readings

Does anyone know the relationships between the following parameters for the sf30-c laser range finder:

How the reflectance of the target object and the temperature affect the accuracy of the sf30-c
How distance or target material could affect the rate of readings

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  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    I can't see how the reflectance of a surface would affect the accuracy of the readings. It may affect the range and/or consistency, however since the distance is based on time of flight then reflectance shouldn't affect accuracy. As for temperature that doesn't really affect the speed of light, so again should not be a concern in accuracy.

    As for target material, well as mentioned above, reflectivity of the object could make detection difficult, but if you're getting a reflection (consistently) then you're good. Darker materials tend to absorb more light. Irregular surfaces can refract it.
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  • If your target material is something "loose" like grass it can make the readings noisy, but only within the range of depth of the material itself. Readings are very accurate and stable, even at moderately high angles of incidence. It is light based, so taking readings from a very polished reflective surface (mirrored) would likely be challenging, but otherwise it doesn't seem to be adversely affected by much.
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