Current Consumption figures P2 v9B

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Here are some figures on current consumed running Chip's v9B images in three forms (BeMicro A2, DE0-Nano Bare, DE0-Nano with Parallax breakout)

These are just loading the included demos with 11, nothing more. Nil means nothing running - just whatever is happening after hitting control-g to reset the board. The breakout DE0 takes more current than the bare DE0 due to the dac resistors being hooked on
Demo             BeMicro A2   Bare DE0-Nano   Breakout DE0-Nano (w/dac resistors)
Nil              104mA        115mA           118mA
All Cogs Blink   111          155             156
NTSC_256x192     110          155             211
NTSC_Interrupt   118          191             243
ROM Booter       113          166             167
Sin Cos DACs     108          148             167
Smartpin PWM     111          155             155
Smartpin Serial  118          182             180
Smartpin USB     121          198             198 


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    Which supply point is that measured on ?
    Seems the newest Cyclones are less mA/Activity, as you might expect.
  • These boards are/can be powered via USB, so thats how I measured them. Initially tried two brands of inline USB measuring meters but they're horribly inaccurate especially at lower currents, so switched to a lab psu (powering the USB A cable)

    Yes the Cyclone V based seem to be significantly more efficient, I was surprised by how much. I also noted previously that, with the P123 A9, running more cogs didn't take much more current.

  • Interesting that toggling a pin in the NTSC interrupt code causes such a current increase.
    .loop		xor	outa,#1			'keep toggling p0
    		jmp	#.loop
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