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rjo__rjo__ Posts: 2,115
edited 2016-06-03 03:50 in Propeller 2
If I don't say what I think, I'm stuck with a bunch of misunderstandings:)

The quest: $5 usb cameras on our P2 bots.

I spent a couple of hours staring at the screen of my computer while various documents regarding Universal Serial Classes flashed before my eyes.
I don't know what kind of brain and personality finds this stuff comprehendible, but it certainly isn't mine...

And then at the very end of my futile struggle, I found a guy that I could relate to ...except he actually understands linux.
He reasoned and then he acted on the following thought, which I find brilliant: Why implement all of that stuff when all you are interested in
is one or two cameras?

So, he looked around his computer found the stuff that identified where in which bit of a kernel the path to his particular camera could be found...
went to the driver for that particular camera... and then wrote himself a one-off for his particular micro-controller.

It was late... I didn't bookmark it. I know I'm probably misrepresenting the facts... but roughly speaking,
we have a controller that is up to the task... it can do what we want it to, but actually getting it to do what it can is a challenge.

How are we going to get there?

I think one well documented case will spawn a sea of home-brewed camera objects... or at least a tidal pool.


  • rjo__rjo__ Posts: 2,115
    Of course... a reasonably full implementation of the full spec should be worth at least a Master's degree:)
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