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Future availability for sale Propeller 2 — Parallax Forums

Future availability for sale Propeller 2

hello, I want to know on what date it will be available the propeller 2 chips for sale!
You have an official release date?



  • There's no official or unofficial date and no one who actually knows anything could tell you any hints. The Propeller 2 design has gone through several cycles and has been thought to be nearly done only to have some major flaw discovered. Each time a lot has been learned and the design restarted, revised, and re-thought for the better. Now several releases of an FPGA implementation have been made so people can experiment with the instruction set and the "smart pin" design and Chip has been working with an experienced consultant on the silicon implementation. When it's ready to send out for a test run to fabricate some samples, it will be. Sometimes these test runs uncover unexpected flaws. If so, they have to be corrected and a new test run done. Given what has been learned before and the expertise currently in use, things are likely to go smoothly, but it won't be ready 'til it's ready.
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