Setting up GeneAce 5300 Lipo battery

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Hi all,

Trying to charge battery for first time on Tenergy Charger....Tenergy suggest you "Balance" the battery first...My question is what should the "Rate of Charge" be for this battery.

Thanks in advance.



  • It is my understanding from reading some literature at Hobby King and the manual from my iMAX B6 Balance Charger that you should not exceed the stated mAh rating printed on the battery. If you have a battery that states 2200 mAh, for example, then you can use currents up to that value, but no more. The battery should never get hot while charging. In fact, I generally use a bit less than the max in the hopes of extending the battery life.
  • Jorge,
    You are correct in using the "Balance" setting - that program will both charge and balance the battery. Per the specifications on the product page, the maximum charge rate for this battery is 5.3 Amps. The Tenergy TB6B Balancing Charger has a maximum output of 5.0 Amps, so set it to that. At this very moment, I'm working on better documentation for the battery charger.
  • We have just posted a document with additional instructions on using the Tenergy Charger.
  • Thanks for that Kyle!
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